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    You have one chance to make an impression.With over $3 million dollars in scholarships to date, If your trying to get to school WE GOT YOU!

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    Are you trying to get your players more exposure? If your recruiting program is struggling, No problem, iXhault will do the heavy lifting for you. Sign up Today!

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    Fan engagement, endorsements, and branding is our specialty; it's important that you portray your best self to your fans and community.

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iXhault New Release!

iXConnect Global® - World's First Athlete Evaluation System

iXConnect Global is the first world-wide evaluation system. Any athlete in any sport can upload their complete performance profile; in return professional evaluators provide valuable critiques.

iXhault New Release!

The Most Advanced Recruiting Service in the World

Any High School, College, or Professional Bound Athlete can benefit from this evaluation service.

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College Bound Athletes

$4 Million in Scholarships. Get in the game Today

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Team Marketing Bundles

Enhance your program and get our players exposure!

The Professionals

Professional Athletes

We specialize in fan engagement and branding.

Sports Marketing

Sports Profile Marketing

We market your profile to your targeted audience.

Client Achievements

"Your outcome is predicated on how much work you put in"

College Scholarship Awardees(167)

"The way I figured it, everyone gets a miracle"

Professional Athletes (4)

"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly"

Team Bundle Representation (2)

"A great building will never stand if you neglect the small bricks"


Aaron & Alvin Jones

Twins receive full scholarship to UTEP.


Chukwuemeka Njokuobi

Chukwuemeka Received a Full Scholarship to Pace University


Tarell Adams

Tarell Adams Received a Full Scholarship to Mount Ida College