Kevin Shepherd – Scouting Report

Kevin Shepherd is a talented middle linebacker that displays a high level of energy that creates defensive havoc for his opponents. Kevin is a senior at James I. O’Neill High School located in Highlandfalls, NY¬†and looks forward to taking his talents to the next level.

SAT: 1200 | ACT: 25 | GPA: 3.0 | Clearing House: 1610610122


Kevin has exceptional overall athletic ability, play speed, quickness, change-of-direction skills, hard-hitting and tackling complimentary of every great linebacker. He’s very smart and a strong competitor on every play. His intelligence as a middle linebacker is an advantage for him, he highly coachable and well disciplined. His strength (Benches 315, Squats 515, Deadlifts 520) and output (117 Total Tackles, 14.6 Tackles per game) is unmatched in his division; extremely strong (strongest in school history). He is also the Defensive Player of the Year.

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NCAA Recruiting Facts

College sports create a pathway to opportunity for student-athletes.

Good news recruits, by far NCAA Division I enroll the most students and manages the largest athletic budget. It offers a wide array of academic programs and provide the most athletic scholarships. Division II and III have also picked up the pace in enrollment and scholarship offers for potential athletes.


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